Referral program

If you having site or blog or even page on social network but you active forum visitor? So then you able to join to our program with hosting sale of virtual and dedicated servers. How? Easier than you think! Tell the visitors of your site about us. Tell them that there is nice hosting from RudHost.con and gain from 15% to 30% for sold servers and other products.

Who can became our partner?

  • Any site owners
  • Bloggers
  • Social network group owner (Twitter, VK, Facebook, OK and etc.)
  • SEO-specialists
  • Active users of themed forums and blogs
  • And everyone who want to earn from hosting service sales

How it works

You post our special link or banner on site, blog, social network page, also you can choose various methods in section "Promo materials" and copy right code. If user interested in posted link and needs a hosting, so he redirects to our site and buys a virtual server. You recieve your fee form 15% up to 30% from the price from a sold server. Also we pay for other service such as backup copy and additional IP-adresses.

For what we pay

We share to our partners from 15% to 30% from price of service and their quality is one of the highest ones one the market. Your income is limited by you, because you able to attract customers as much as you want!

How we accoutnting sales?

To account sales we using partner indeficators and cookie files. We store user's cookies during 30 days. It means that even if user made purchase within a month after first redirection to through your referral link, so we will count a sale and you will get a comission. Attracted customer will be forever connected to your account and for every spend you will recieve comisson! This will remain after a week, year if he will keep buying new service or extend old ones. And believe, this is unique offer.

How to check sale statistics?

Sale statistics of your visiors could be vieved in real time, you can check out in your personal partner account. You will be able to analyze the number of their number of visits, registrations, number of purchased servers and other statistical information. By upgrading your site and focusing on profitable traffic usage, so you will see how your income increase.

How to advertise it?

We offer big variety of advertisment materials by links or banners. The whole list of promo-materials with examples you can check here  here (able after registration).

Login for partners / Registration

  • Follow the and register in control panel. Any user registered in panel automatically becomes a partner.
  • Within a few minutes an activation link will be provided to an e-main that you provided to registration system. After redirecting you will get access to your personal account and easily find the section "Partners".